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Even for those of us who didn't come of age until after River Phoenix's reign, it's obvious that the actor had a big impact on Hollywood.

Whether it was his young, promising talent, his camera-ready looks, or just his exotic upbringing, he's still fascinating movie fans even twenty years after his death.

His sister is lying on top of his body, trying to stop him from injuring himself as his muscles twitch and his limbs flail against the concrete.

There was once a rumor of her getting engaged with him but due to some conflict the couple broke up instead.

Here at R29, we're still reeling from his tragic passing, so we're taking today, the anniversary of his death, to reflect on the actor's life and legacy.

is a gutting, in-depth look at the young actor's short life, particularly the night that changed everything.

I met Phoenix once on tour with his band Aleka's Attic in a derelict underground club in Knoxville, Tennessee.

During a pre-show sound check, the crowd chanted, "River! " I noticed a scruffy urchin with faint Spanish moss covering his cheeks. I was so shocked I could hardly speak, but in those few moments I glimpsed a private hidden person, a young man who craved anonymity, but felt compelled to perform for his admiring public, just as he had as a child on the streets of Caracas, Venezuela. With his last movie that he starred in and completed, Phoenix stole the show as a sweet young man named James Wright trying to make it as a country music singer in Nashville.

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