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The city’s largest celebration is the Fiestas de San Miguel de Allende.Held each year on September 29th, the Fiestas are named after the town’s patron saint, the Archangel Michael.Early morning roosters yodel in our return to San Miguel, a charming Mexican town where it’s eternal spring.From our condo patio, high on a hillside, I snap pictures of colorful hot air balloons appearing like gigantic fruits in the fog.Sleepy-eyed tourists peer over the edges of the baskets dangling beneath the fruits for an aerial view of a town chock full of history.Squadrons of long necked white egrets beat their way north.San Miguel del Allende is located in the far eastern part of Guanajuato, in central Mexico. An historic center, the city dates back to 1764, with many of its building dating from the 17 centuries.

The two cities share many similarities, historically and culturally, making them a natural fit for a Sister Cities relationship.

(Tip: According to Carol, another colonial mountain town being “discovered” by expats and a good place to check out is Patzcuaro Michoacan.) Since resettling, Carol has discovered a new career—writing essays.

Her first collection, “How it goes in Mexico: Essays from an Expatriate,” will be published in February by She Books.

Church bells toll fifteen minutes to Mass to hurry up the faithful. The town is named after Saint Michael and General Ignacio de Allende y Unzaga who was born in San Miguel and became a heroic patriot in the fight for independence from Spain.

It’s a smart move to name your town after a saint and a general if you want to cover the important bases.

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