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The woman, who declined to be interviewed by The Defenders for this story, was involved in a fight with an off-duty Martinez on Christmas evening 2015, according to SAPD and county court records.The woman was charged with misdemeanor assault and taken to the Central Magistrate's Office.An attorney representing them said both officers are attempting to get their jobs back through arbitration.The Police Department released documents related to the firings in late December, more than seven months after they were first requested by The Defenders.Nobody disputes this: Three gay Hungarian men, living in crushing poverty in a country intolerant of their lifestyle, moved to the United States with hopes of a better life.Prosecutors argue they were duped, held in virtual slavery, forced to perform around-the-clock sex acts for webcams, or sell their bodies to johns in New York and Miami.

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Eclipses happen when the moon passes through the Earth's shadow and does a sexy peek-a-boo for the earthlings watching it.

“This is nothing but a group of young gay men, Hungarian men, escaping persecution in their country,” Berki’s lawyer, Ronald Manto, told jurors.

“They won’t freely admit it but they knew exactly what they were doing.” “They were not victims.

Also, if you're an astrology fan as well as an astronomy fan, you can still bask in the Eclipses come in pairs, so anytime there's a full solar eclipse, there's a lunar eclipse that will be occurring either two weeks before or after the solar eclipse.

This lunar eclipse is happening as a prelude to the solar eclipse, so you have two weeks to plan your viewing experience.

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