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Box 428, Mission, SD 57555 Phone(605)747-2900Fax (605)747-5593P.

PO Box 430Rosebud, SD 57570Phone: 605-747-2381Fax: 605-747-5186 (Secy. PO Box 840Rosebud, SD 57570Phone: 605-747-2266Fax: 605-747-5010BIA 1PO Box 129 Rosebud, SD 57570Phone: 605-747-2278Fax: 605-747-2832160 2nd St PO Box 727Mission, SD 57555Phone: 605-856-4444Fax: 605-856-2075321 E. PO Box ZWhite River, SD 57579Phone: 605-259-3385Fax: 605-259-3194200 E.

A bill in the South Dakota legislature that appears intended to give several dozen Native American childhood-sexual-abuse plaintiffs their day in court may do just the opposite.

According to several legislators, Senate Bill 130 is supposed to fix problems caused by a 2010 law that retroactively blocked the Native lawsuits against the Catholic Church, which ran the boarding schools where the abuse allegedly took place.

There are 33 organizations in South Dakota that provide domestic violence services at some level.

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Shubeck noted that in a kind of circular logic, this part of the bill says that if a legislative action (like the 2010 law) killed valid cases, SB 130 would revive them. Barbara Charbonneau-Dahlen read SB 130’s draft language and was also concerned.The Rosebud Sioux Tribe has approximately 33,212 tribal members, and 28,230 who reside in and round the Rosebud Reservation.The language we are trying to conserve is Lakota, and we are a proud nation working together to end domestic and sexual violence.These programs can be found in 24 different cities.Click on any of the 24 cities below to learn about the programs in these areas.

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