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The dysphoria occurs after intense and satisfying orgasm and with a loved one. In other words, some people experience a four to six hour period of depression and irritability after an orgasm.This is also known as "post coital Blues." There is nothing new about post coital blues. They were married for ten years but one of the problems that plagued their relationship was the fact that, after having sex she became irritable and angry. She never denied how angry she acted after sex but had no explanation. They were a young couple and, despite being newly weds, were involved sexually for a year or two prior to their wedding. However, no sooner was sex over than she became extremely hostile, even belligerent. However, when she felt good enough, she thoroughly enjoyed sex with her husband.on the net and you won't have a problem finding whatever you're after as it has tons of hot various categories.

Sex karne me hamesha hi ek behatreen maja hota hai aur ye behad santoshjanak (संतोषजनक) feeling deta hai.Par muskil tab hoti hai jab aap first time Sex karne waale ho aur aapko ye nahi pata ki Sex ka process shuru kaha se kare.Ye to sabhi jante hai ki jab purus ka ling (Penis) Mahila ki yoni (Vagina) ke andar jaata hai to vo Sex kahlata hai.She reported that it was different from her usual depression but she had no explanation.She said sex was great and she always had an orgasm.

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