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We caught a glimpse of his rehearsal of ‘Somewhere Out There,’ which was just terrific.

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The Top 13, in their own words: De Andre Brackensick, 17, from San Jose, Calif. 'Once in My Life' covered by Stevie Wonder is my favorite song."Fun fact(s): "I can eat a whole cup o' noodles in less than 10 seconds. it's the biggest compliment anyone has ever [given] me. I have a little growl in my voice so I relate to that. Six-string strummer: "The guitar, man, it just becomes one with me. I would use it every week if I could, definitely."Fun fact: "I can do an impression of Mr. But Jessica Sanchez is definitely one of my very favorites and she's incredible, so look out for her."Fun fact: "I love juice like an addiction. And the judges' criticism I don't take very hard because I can fix what I need to fix, [which is] my vibrato.Here is Pop Crush’s handy recap of the Top 11 and their performances.Joshua Ledet: He arrived on the scene in 1992, so he rocked Michael Bolton’s ‘When a Man Loves a Woman.’ Ledet, who ate some crawfish before performing, showed off high and low ranges that we had not yet seen.In time, that too found it’s way into my real view mirror.Read more → So, first called to center stage, Phillip Phillips, Skylar Laine, Joshua Ledet and Elise Testone.

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