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This July, experience a one of a kind K-Pop show that’s heart stopping and super action packed as KIRIN, in partnership with LUMOS E&M and All Access Productions bring you another K-Pop concert that you will never forget. "Super Pop Con 2017 in Manila" is not only a super charged K-Pop concert but also an event that will help spread awareness KIRIN’s special collaboration with the local party – PDP Laban as they work together in creating more drug rehabilitation and renewal centers and sites across the Philippines.Mission I: Super Pop Con 2017 is happening on July 7, 2017 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena. This event is not just for the benefit Filipino KPop fans but also serves a greater purpose in Philippines' fight against drugs.Mun is also the CEO of Shinhwa Company, the home agency of his group, with Lee Min-woo as co-CEO since 2011, and with the remaining members—Kim Dong-wan, Shin Hye-sung, Jun Jin and Andy Lee—as shareholders. He is the youngest of the three siblings with two older sisters.He attended Daechi Elementary School located in Seoul. S, he went to John Burroughs Middle School located in Los Angeles. Hats off to the writer and director that this drama will keep your mind works because of analyzing each episode scenes from flashbacks to present and vice versa at the same time maintaining the romance and comedic acts!!! I can't imagine anyone else playing Shi Won besides Eunji. It brought me back to my memories of my first love and the innocence of youth. I feel sad for Tae woong's character, why let him wait for 6 years. I'm your kind of people, I don't like watching something that has no theme, but I tried to watch this and this is honestly THE BEST WRITTEN DRAMA I've ever watched. They are so cute fighting and love each other..know each other so well.. Thank you for this amazing beautiful & heartwarming drama.. Hope to see these pair again in other drama/movies.. and now I remembered, he is one of the cast in My Lovely Girl.I can't believe it's Hoya! I'll start knowing Infinite more (because I only know L..)!

Text: Priscilla Wu/Photo: Shinhwa Company Facebook, Imagine Asia Website Shinhwa member Eric Mun is dating actress Na Hye Mi.But since there are always two sides to every coin, I’ve decided to enlighten our readers on the events that make the members seem less First up is Jun Jin’s erection while performing his solo track Wa in 2008.I’ve made the pics smaller in case of younger and less prepared audiences. Well, HYS got into a dispute with the crew at Myung Wol and flew back to the US while filming, leaving Eric in a compromising position as the male lead.We will issue an official statement soon,” Na’s agency Imagine Asia said.Eric Mun (born Mun Jung-hyuk on February 16, 1979) is a South Korean singer and actor.

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