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But we've just added an ice breaker idea which helps make interactions more chilled out and less formal." Sometimes u meet sum1 u really enjoy talking to, at that time, the 6 minutes bell seemed really annoying...But then again, u meet sum1 wid whom u hv nuthin in common and at that time, the "bell" is eagerly awaited..

In Blink, Malcolm Gladwell's seminal book on the power of instinct, the author makes a compelling reference to speed-dating: "Speed-dating has become enormously popular around the world and it's not hard to understand why.

This time, it’s aimed cupid’s arrow as far as New Delhi where love’s favourite winged cherub has quickly struck a chord with singles at one of the first speed dating events ever held in New Dehli.

Just like the first ever speed dating event that hit Beverly Hills back in 1998, Lovestruck’s event offered an opportunity to gather compatibility and test chemistry on simple first impressions based on brief 5-minute conversation.

And to answer that, we don't need an entire evening." Yamini Gupte, a 25-year-old architect from Mumbai, agrees, "I'm big on first impressions.

Dating Devices SPEED-DATING : A quick succession of 15-20 three-minute organised blind dates.

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