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Recent studies show how writing can improve your emotional and physical health — and we're willing to bet that falling for these connoisseurs of the written word will be one of the greatest things to happen to your love life.

If you're prepared for your spicy romance to make headlines, check out these eight compelling reasons to let a journalist be your only subscriber.1.

Since one of the traits is "reporters have a great 'b.s.

radar,'" it seems fitting that many reporters (journalists, bloggers, etc.) felt the need to point out how wrong this is."Has e Harmony ever met a reporter," asked Buzz Feed's Rosie Gray.

If he has a "flexible schedule" he's unemployed and/or independently wealthy.My boyfriend is often asked what it’s really like to date a journalist. We’re really nosy We’re all competing for exclusives, sources and scoops, so we ask a lot of questions. So the next time you start dating someone, here’s what to tell them to look out for – they’ve been warned!They will quickly understand what you really want to be done and in what way.They have the ability to get things done no matter the obstacle and always have Plan B, which is a skill acquired after dealing with sources who never pick up the phone.

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