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It was just a crazy experience that i have lived through with my awesome friend, Jasmine!! Along with everyone who attended, the Bakit Why team is surely looking forward to it.she has been amazing and I was glad she was my date : D lol. Just knowing they are just regular people is just a shocker Crazy night filled with food, dancing, pictures, screams and live music. Many of the songs, including "Emma Watson" and "We Could Happen," were made available on streaming music discovery sites Pandora and Spotify."We Could Happen" was licensed by DMA for sensory marketing in mainstream retailers including Abercrombie & Fitch & Hollister.If there’s one thing Tori Kelly knows how to do, it’s hustle. TK: Vine was very fairly new and I had been posting Vines sort of but it was super random. It felt really good for him to actually respect me as a writer and an artist. I feel like they're more personal in a way; when you've been burned it's like a specific thing that happened. The 22-year-old singer-songwriter has spent the past few years building a following through appearances on competition singing shows, self-released EPs, You Tube covers, Vine freestyles, and more. Buzz Feed: Can you tell us anything about the song? I was literally just in my car, being weird, and then other famous people on Vine were starting to do covers of it. I would get people coming up to me being like, “Who’s that girl from Vine? All that hard work is finally paying off with the release of the lead single off her upcoming debut album, “Nobody Love.” The brassy Max Martin-produced track has all the makings of a pop smash so get to know the curly-haired cutie before she blows up later this year. Watching back all those different shows that I did, it’s really easy to put up a wall and be like, I’m in artist mode now.

People will come up to me at shows and tell me that a song touched them in a completely different way than I wrote it. It’s never like, “Here’s this song that I perfectly made for radio, it's a perfect pop song and you’re gonna sing it.” For me and him, it was very collaborative, very hands on. I knew them before they were even an official group.

Following this morning’s announcement that Ryan Seacrest will be joining Kelly Ripa as her morning show co-host, people seem to have a vested interested in Ryan and all things about the 42-year-old!

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(who also had those jay z rumors going on at one time.) and then once you get that bad girl rep you can do whatever you want, like rihanna. but it might make some people take a look at her and think, "you know, she IS hot. i'm guessing that the op is implying that being a mistress is better for her street cred than the rumors of being a lesbian? giving her a more badass rep, like rihanna or something? Sleeping with a married man, especially married with universally loved woman wouldn't really be a good badass/street cred. If you're talking about Ryan Bandong, she has "supposedly" dated him.

Also wasn't it established earlier that she had a bf?

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