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Care Credit works kind of like a credit card, and carries steep interest rates in the area of 30%.However, partner surgeons can set their own interest rates with Care Credit, so if you apply for Care Credit through a partner surgeon you’ll usually pay interest rates that are slashed by as much as half. You need a good credit score to be eligible and must keep your account up to date or pay hefty fees.A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that a transgender Wisconsin high school senior who identifies as male can use the boys' bathroom.The ruling, a victory for Ashton Whitaker, 17, of George Nelson Tremper High School in Kenosha, came the same week that he graduates.But that ruling, from the 4th Circuit involving a Virginia student, was vacated by the Supreme Court after the Trump administration canceled the Obama administration's legal guidance on transgender bathroom protections in public schools.However, four other appeals courts have ruled, outside of the school context, that transgender people can prevail on claims of sex discrimination.

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