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He thoughtfully positioned my mouse on the left-hand side of the computer.

He looked disappointed – almost beside himself with defeat – when I unwittingly laughed, “Babe, you put the mouse on the side!

Hu is a starter who pitched in relief during his two stints this season with the Rays, so manager Kevin Cash said they didn't want to risk an injury by having him pitch Friday if needed. "Now it's a role he's going to learn when he goes back to Durham.

It's a good role for him and us." Marks pitched in relief in eight of his nine appearances with the Bulls.

We didn’t struggle through a childhood of right-handed can openers and scissors only to leave all the skills we begrudgingly acquired in time behind when we could finally outfit our own households in lefty-specific office and kitchen supplies. There’s no need to prefer a seemingly more convenient type over another.

Give me a more intriguing, challenging object of curiousity any day over over an easy-to-operate system or device…

There was a time when I tried to convince myself that I was better off dating “righties” — or what we lefties call “average people.” The idea of sharing things like beds and loveseats comfortably with someone else – both happily on our preferred side with our dominant hand free to reach for things like TV remotes and coffee mugs – seemed exciting, almost , if I can borrow from right-handed “speak.” Our less useful arm could then wander aimlessly, getting tangled up in a lovers’ knot of hand-holding and snuggling without having to free itself up with every ring of the telephone or doorbell.Anecdotally, I've met more left-handed guys than girls (when you're left-handed, it can be kind of a big deal to shake left hands with a comrade) and I have a left-handed brother.Turns out, left-handed females are a much rarer breed than left-handed males.This relative rarity of being left-handed has mystified scientists and led to a series of specious assumptions about us southpaws, such as linkages to schizophrenia, criminality and dyslexia. However, as I read that NYT article sprinkled with names of notable male lefties, I kept wondering about the whereabouts of my fellow southpaw ladies.At the same time, reports on left-handedness also mention that a majority of recent U. Left-handedness runs in families and is influenced by brain symmetry, but does gender have anything to do with it?

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