Two way webcam chat movies

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If you’re like me, you do a lot of listening on your PC - to music and movies and podcasts and such.

But you also do a lot of talking to your computer, in the form of Skype calls, Facebook voice chats, online videoconferences, multi-player online gaming, even (for some of us) recording podcasts and musical performances.

I was always wondering how dialog between two people is filmed. The screen is switching between faces of the characters while they talk. Are there two cameras filming both faces simultaneously and the actors just talking as usual?

The challenge is how to capture the best sounding audio over your PC.

The little microphone built into your computer’s webcam is limited in quality; so are the low-cost headsets you see advertised for Skyping purposes.

You simply have to log in to their site, send a link to your movie date and you'll instantly form a two-way connection between your PCs.

The platform comes with video chat and instant messaging.

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