Updating a varney dockside

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28 as city leaders took public comment regarding the dog beach on White Bear Lake.This photo was taken on a hot summer day last July of people and their canines enjoying the water.Shot like a Dardenne brothers’ film in the immigrant dockside French community of Sète, Kechiche’s family epic seems simple and in your face on its surface — the members of a long-acclimated Arab family, and their myriad of in-laws, babies, cohorts and lovers (there are at least 20 significant figures in play), are not complicated people, and their dilemmas are familiar as both the stuff of classic lit (Tolstoy, Balzac, Zola) and life down the block, where you can hear the neighbors yelling from behind closed doors about money, infidelity, respect and betrayal.But Kechiche’s ultra-realist, handheld style and gritty characterizations belie the real meat of what’s going on — the dense chemical combustion in action inherent in any expatriate population.France, of course, is filthy with dudgeon over its Africans and Arabs in ways that make our border-crossing arguments feel tame, and Kechiche limns the tensions so adroitly it’s as if he caught them by accident.Forget the title, which sounds like an old Pare Lorentz documentary about farming — the French title translates in spirit to “Couscous and Mullet,” and the movie is nothing if not a genuflection toward the bonding agent inherent in family meals.

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There are all kinds of accomplishments possible in cinema, and some do not brand the memory or trouble your heart, and they can be accomplishments all the same.

One is dirt and crud that is picked up by wheels and spread around the layout. This is assuming that you've already cleaned any glue or paint off the railheads when you installed the trackwork.

Many modelers feel that plastic wheels pick up dirt faster than metal wheels. I try to replace plastic wheel sets with metal wheels when I build or acquire a piece of rolling stock.

Silent and sound decoders are susceptible to a small amount of dirt on the rails.

While preparing for an operating session to show fellow members of our Nottawasage Model Railroad Club how to use car cards, I got to thinking that some of you might be unaware of methods that have been tried over the years. There are several major reasons for poor electrical pickup.

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