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You can let Excel scale the axes automatically; when the charted values change, Excel updates the scales the way it thinks they fit best. Or you could assign the code to a button in the worksheet. A more elegant approach is to change the relevant axis when one of the cells within B14: C16 changes. Or you can manually adjust the axis scales; when the charted values change, you must manually readjust the scales. We can use the has appeared automatically atop the module. I am a excel newbie and i need some help with this code.I have an excel workbook which has 10 worksheets and now i created a new workbook with just 1 worksheet from the original workbook and now i want the new workbook to be updated with data from original workbook whenever any updates or changes take place.The cells B14: C16 can contain static values which the user can manually change, or they can contain formulas with your favorite axis scaling algorithms.

To be more precise, you’ll generally be working with 1 of the following versions of this method, depending on which particular object you want to save as PDF.

The value of this property can be set to one of the constants: xl RTL (right-to-left), xl LTR (left-to-right), or xl Context (context).

The following code example sets the reading order of cell A1 to xl RTL (right-to-left).

The value of this property can be set to an integer value from –90 to 90 degrees or to one of the following constants: xl Downward, xl Horizontal, xl Upward, xl Vertical.

The following code example sets the orientation of cell A1 to xl Horizontal.

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