Updating deployment share and boot disk

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Note: If you click the View Script button on the confirmation page of any wizard in MDT, it will display the Power Shell command(s) used in executing the task.You can save these text files for future use and later convert them to .Creation of the Linked Deployment Share is relatively simplistic and is achieved by right clicking the Linked Deployment Shares node in the Advanced Configuration section of the Deployment Workbench GUI and selecting “New Linked Deployment Share”.

Right-click Operating Systems and select Import Operating System from the context menu (Figure A).With images reaching 5 GB in size or more, you can't deploy machines in a remote office over the wire.You need to replicate the content, so that the clients can do local deployments.The first entry in our Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) series covered the installation and initial setup process involved in using MDT along with Windows Deployment Services (WDS).This article will focus on the configuration necessary for MDT to work before devices can be provisioned by the server.

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