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Free BSD operating system can use binary packages with pkg utility, but for for some ocassion, like running newest versions of the code, you would want to compile some programs.

For that, there is very useful ports collection that simplifies compilation process.

2014-02-26 Live demo in BSD Now Episode 026 | Originally written by TJ for | Last updated: 2014/03/02 NOTE: the author/maintainer of the tutorial(s) is no longer with the show, so the information below may be outdated or incorrect.

So you've just finished installing your new Free BSD system. While the base OS includes quite a lot of useful utilities, you're probably going to need to install some third party software.

In this article we will install and use ports collection to update the Freebsd 11.0 system.

This article assumes you have installed Free BSD 11 using our previous article.

Depending on the usage of the machine, you might need a web server, a graphical desktop or anything in between.

One of the best features of BSD is that there is a clear separation between the base system and external software. There are (at least) two ways to install third party software: with binary packages or with ports.

It does not depend upon other ports, external databases or languages, rather it’s been written in such a way as to make use of the information about a port’s dependencies, dependents, file locations and other information contained in to determine which ports to update.With Ports, you can look for a Free BSD application you want, go to its directory on your system, and with a simple command tell Free BSD to download and compile the source, and install the app for you.This also allows you to set various flags (if desired) for compiling/installing the app, giving you a lot of control over the installation process.You can browse that information and decide what apps you want to install, then tell the system to install them.Based on the information in the Ports tree, Free BSD will automatically connect to the proper download site, retrieve the application source for you, compile and install the app.

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