Updating table through view in oracle dating chat rooms usa

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The view will become invalid whenever the base table is altered.

We can recompile a view using the Alter view statement, but oracle automatically recompiles the view once it is accessed.

select e.empno,e.ename,e.sal,e.deptno,d.dname,From emp e, dept d where e.deptno=d.deptno; So everytime we want to see emp details and department names where they are working we have to give a long join query.

From the Oracle 10g SQL Reference: Notes on Updatable Views An updatable view is one you can use to insert, update, or delete base table rows.On recompiling the dependent objects become invalid.ALTER VIEW View-Name COMPILE ; Use Drop View statement to drop a view. Insert, Delete and Update on Views When you update a view oracle will update the underlying base table.Views are very powerful and handy since they can be treated just like any other table but do not occupy the space of a table.The following sections explain how to create, replace, and drop views using SQL commands. To see the empno, ename, sal, deptno, department name and location we have to give a join query like this.

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