Updating tom tom map instructions

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An online connection is therefore always needed when conducting a map update.

Before you can check if the Latest Map Guarantee is available for a GO navigation device, you need to install the support application "Tom Tom HOME" on a computer and then connect the navigation device to the computer via USB.

The Tom Tom GPS maps can be updated by visiting the official Tom Tom website and downloading the application that recognizes the current map information on the navigator and offers the latest available maps.

These updated maps are accurate as they are carefully reviewed, but they are a paid service.

Our professionals who come equipped with expert skills are committed to resolving any issue related to Tom Tom maps update on your GPS device.

Therefore, you may need to modify firewall and router settings to allow this access.Tom Tom Map's Update If you have a Tom Tom GPS, then it may be that at some point of time you will experience that maps on the device not being completely up to date. As a Tom Tom user, you should always update Tom Tom maps on your GPS device.Some of the benefits of updating maps include: Issues during Tom Tom Map Update are common to occur. In most of the cases, simply try to download the update again and leave the navigation device connected to the computer. Here are some easy tips to follow to avoid errors: With us, you can enjoy several benefits.To install Tom Tom HOME on your computer, do the following: Before you start, make sure you have a backup of your device or memory card.For more information, see Backing up your navigation device.

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