Usps electronic shipping info received not updating

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I'm only concerned because I paid so much money, and its supposed to be here 2-3 days, and theres no updates. USPS, unlike UPS does not scan the items repeatedly during the travel - the few times I have had to check on items sent USPS with tracking numbers the only verification is that it has been delivered.Class: Priority Mail® Service(s): Insured Signature Confirmation™ Status: Electronic Shipping Info Received The U. Postal Service was electronically notified by the shipper on December 25, 2011 to expect your package for mailing.More than often the USPS delivery confirmation will update after you get the package. Like the first response said you can contact the seller and ask them the status of your parcel.Don't worry as most packages will arrive on time most of the time customs will let it through if it's not really dangerous.The package is coming from Illinois to San Francisco, California.I ordered the item Monday (Veterans day) and it said "electronic shipping information received" first thing on tuesday.My question is, Is this really normal on USPS, Im a little bit scared since it is my first time on shopping at e Bay.

It is now Tuesday January 28 and it still says the same thing. Its now thursday, my phone is supposed to be here...Its now thursday, my phone is supposed to be here tomorrow, and it still says Pre-Shipment. I read other answers where people say that USPS has an outdated tracking system and packages dont always get updated until they are actually delivered. orders are shipped securely in a cardboard box or padded envelope with a USPS delivery confirmation number.If your delivery confirmation number states "Status: Electronic Shipping Info Received" with no other details, this means that your package is still in the delivery process and will not update until the actual time of delivery.

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