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That said, I would not recommend the use of Mime Kit for simply validating an email address (it's way overkill).Instead, I have another (tiny) library that can be used for that which is written in accordance with the specification: Email Validation It's a fairly simple class that implements an actual email address tokenizer instead of using error-prone regexes that no one seems to ever get hello deepak, you cant check that ..because many browsers does not support this kind of functionality ..still you can give it try ..check this : I have been doing the same in my projet.Every year you drive without making a claim or having a claim upheld against you, earns you an additional year of No Claims Bonus (NCB).For every year of claim free driving, you earn a discount off the cost of your renewal.You'll need to use the same payment method for all of the cars on your Multi Car policy.Our Bonus Accelerator policy lasts for 10 months instead of 12, but credits you with a full year's No Claims Bonus after 10 months.

Our Bonus Accelerator policy could be suitable for people who are taking out insurance for the first time, or who have recently lost their No Claims Bonus.If you have already earned No Claims Bonus with your previous insurer, we will ask you to send us written proof (usually a renewal notice or Proof of No Claims Bonus letter from your previous insurer).Your No Claims Bonus builds up to a maximum of 15 years.For example, it will fail to validate "Bob Bobson TIP: Keep in mind that almost any character is legal in an email address if it is properly quoted, so if you are passing an email address to something that may be sensitive to certain characters or character sequences (such as a command shell), you must be sure to properly escape those characters.Obviously there are expressions that you could use to determine if the format of an e-mail address is valid but you can also use the System.

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