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Would you like to see Berlin, drink beer and stay classy as hell?

Are you running into problems and not sure how to get past them?

That gave Harbinger an idea for an experiment in social engineering, the dark art of influencing people to act against their own interest: what would it take for a defense contractor to reveal classified information to a total stranger? Harbinger succeeded in getting contractors with top secret security clearances to reveal details of what they were working on, as well as enough personal information to access their bank accounts, credit card statements, and cell phone records.

He spent fewer than 10 hours total on the project spread over a few weeks.

SIMPLIFIED NATURAL BOOTCAMP STOCKHOLM WITH STERLING, SEPT 15-17, 2017 Learn from Love Systems Master Instructors - Live!

The Simplified Natural Bootcamp has lofty goals: to turn its participants into naturally attractive individuals,...

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