Who is joey lawrence dating who is amy macdonald dating

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Henry reveals that he sees a residence change happening and Matthew tells him that he is “dead on.” So, who is this longtime love of Matthew’s?

Matthew’s girlfriend is model and dancer Laura Jayne New.

I associate it to just putting myself into Joe Longo's world and he's attracted to her, therefore, I am as well as Joe Longo. So, it's really more of an uncle/aunt type relationship-do you know what I mean-or an older sibling type of relationship.Well, you know that's why we get paid the big bucks there.[Laughs] It's just all part of the job when you have to play certain characters.Joey Lawrence blossomed into a star on the hit series Blossom and now the 34-year-old actor is starring in the new ABC Family series Melissa & Joey with Melissa Joan Hart, which currently airs on Tuesday nights at 8 PM ET.Joey Lawrence recently held a conference call to discuss the series and you can read what he had to say below: Right.

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