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I only still listen to KBLX sometimes because it's the only radio station in the Bay Area that kind of plays the type of music I enjoy. I mostly listen to playlists I put together myself or satellite radio now.

I can remember back in the day (I'm dating myself) when KBLX played the R&B classics and smooth jazz. And ever since they let go of Kevin Brown () and his morning crew, replaced them with Steve Harvey and then got rid of Steve Harvey and put on this new morning crew, it just hasn't been the same station (too many changes).

Remembering when they were a one of a kind station mixing jazz and good R&B, to a typical old school station playing the same old school songs that I can hear anywhere. Today, they announced that Mark Curry is no longer with KBLX. He definitely does not have the voice for radio nor is he funny. Recently, they made some great moves which I will rate separately from this review.This is just so terribly sad."She later made regular appearances as a stand-in presenter on ITV's This Morning programme and also presented shows such as Holiday.Ms Keating, whose grandmother also died of breast cancer, kept her illness secret from all but her close family and friends.If Biggie built the house of Bad Boy, Craig Mack is at least responsible for acquiring the land on which it was built.) or doing hard time for murder like G Dep, or recovering from a stress induced stroke after a grand larceny bid like Black Rob.No, Craig Mack took another traditional backdoor from Bad Boy: Religion.

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