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She did not have a brain tumour'Last year former It Girl Tara revealed her fear of dying after being diagnosed with a non-malignant brain tumour.

The socialite's party-loving ways became well-known around London in the 1990s.

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Writing on Twitter, Mrs Montefiore revealed a coroner had concluded that her sister died after the ulcer triggered peritonitis, which is severe inflammation of the stomach lining, and deadly blood poisoning. The coroner’s report said a non-cancerous growth in Miss Palmer-Tomkinson's brain had not contributed to her death.

The former It Girl, who was diagnosed with the benign growth on her pituitary gland in January last year, had recently spoken in the Mail of her fear about dying.

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The 45-year-old was famed for her tumultuous lifestyle and her public struggle to battle her drug problem.

Now a friend has come forward and claimed Tara spoke of her drugs battle only weeks ago and confessed she was doing “everything to stay clean”.“Tara was crying when we first started talking and I asked what was wrong.

Tara's sister, author Santa Montefiore, 47, took to Twitter this afternoon to reveal the contents of the coroner's report.

She wrote: 'The Coroner's report states that Tara died of natural causes – a perforated ulcer.

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