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His only major role was in The Twilight Saga: New Moon, and he reprised his role as Quil Ateara in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Houseman and other Twilight saga actors participated in a benefit baseball game in March 2010; the proceeds benefitted earthquake relief efforts in Haiti, as well as the Blood Center of Southeast Louisiana and the 9th Ward Field of Dreams.

Imagine where Seth is the reader’s best friend and Paul imprints on her so Paul keeps nagging Seth to tell him about her?? I loved that last imagine you did about Embry and the BBQ! Word count: 386Paul sat on the couch in the Clearwater house. He was just waiting for Seth to get home, because he knew Seth wouldn’t be able to avoid him forever. He didn’t see why Paul couldn’t just do things himself. Really, he knew everything that anyone could know, even the things he didn’t exactly want to. Irritated was not quite the word; furious was not a proper word either. I can’t talk to her yet, I need conversation topics.” Paul said, arms raised. He was never the kind of guy to imprint, yet here he was.

Still, it felt awkward to be sitting there all alone.

Houseman is a First Nation descendant of the Cree Nation and was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta.

Just one.”“She likes it when guys ask her about herself, rather than when they ask me.”Paul Lahote had imprinted, and boy, was it a mess.

Marie on Tuesday as part of a two-day swing through Northern Ontario. "There was a time when native comedians would solely perform, or cater to, a native crowd and I never got that, I never understood -- Why would you do that?

Just pigeonhole yourself in a corner," said Miller.

On stage, Howie Miller may feign envy when it comes to his son's recent fame as an actor in the Twilight series, but it's a completely different story when he doesn't have a mic in his hand.

"I'm extremely proud, even though in my set I hint that I'm more jealous than I am proud," said the actor/comedian, in a phone interview.

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