Whose lil wayne dating 2016

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Last month, R&B singer Nivea threw some super shade at her ex Lil Wayne and rumored new boo-thang Christina Milian.

In a nutshell, Nivea made it plain that she doesn’t approve of the Tina-N-Tunechi relationship since Nivea has a child by Lil Wayne and three by her ex husband The Dream, who is also Christina’s ex-husband as well as the father of her daughter Violet.

She gave birth to Wayne at 19-years-old, which was during the time that she was graduating from high school.

All of her life, Cita has loved to cook and has worked as a chef.

The general consensus is that Birdman is not good enough to date the likes of Toni Braxton.

That a 7-time Grammy winner and multi-platinum singer is a fool to date a diamond teeth-wearing, tattooed rapper.

This page is for anyone who wants to know more information about Lil Wayne‘s family.So, here's what the R&B beauty thinks about that: Wonder if Milian's stunning bikini body caught Wayne's attention at all?She also tweeted: @Christina Milian: "Once upon a time you had my heart..." Perhaps the "Dip It Low" princess is even a bit sexually frustrated.Birdman, 47, and Braxton, 48, have instead been met with harsh criticisms, some of which shallow and unfounded to say the least.On Centric TV.com, for example, the comments have been painfully cynical.

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