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When you see 2 boats in the same row, tap on them before they go away.The flags at the top of the screen show which ones you've tapped on (and are matching with). Each time you match a pair of boats, you get 5 more seconds added to the timer. No changes to your timer, it'll continue to count down. If you tap on 2 boats that are right next to each other then you get 1 point, but if you match 2 boats on the same row that are separated by 1 other boat, then you get 2 points, etc.

You can access the window from the main Control Window using the CDS Upload Match button () in the toolbar, or the Joins or VO menus.

For this reason, as you go back along your ancestral lines, anytime you hit a male ancestor, the X line cannot continue back through that male ancestor's father – it can only continue through his mother.

orange arrows indicate the path of the X chromosome, blue arrows the path of the Y chromosome.

Watch out, the better you get, the faster you'll have to be because the boats will come flying across.

Also, be careful to tap "on" the boat instead of in between the boats as the boats are moving.

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