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[ Don steps out relunctantly, carrying a bag of groceries ] Jim Lange: Well, Don, I guess you're just rarin' to go! He's an ordinary man who goes out to pick up a few groceries for his wife. [ slow pan across the bachelorettes ] Bachelorette #1, a sagging, burned-out boozehound; or Bachelorette #2, a bizarre deviant with a talent for torture; or Bachelorette #3, a woman-child whose mind swims with wisps of a life once pathetic... Don Johnson: [ looking at the card in his hand ] Do I -- do I have to read this? Don Johnson: You don't understand -- I-I love my wife. Don Johnson: Alright, uh -- [ reading the card ] "Bachelorette #1: If I were an ice cream cone... " Shonda the Cat Lady: Uhhhh -- uh, let's see, um... Don Johnson: [ confused ] I -- uh -- see, I don't belong here. I-I-I need to get back home, my wife's waiting for me. On his way home, he innocently accepts a free ticket to a TV game show, and finds himself trapped in a nightmare for which there is... what would you do to me, and what flavor would you want me to be? If you aren’t proven wrong, you’re t least proven right and can say that you tried.My best experiences with love have happened when I tried something different, but you can’t just try it. I’ve dated plenty of men who fulfilled my subconscious checklist, but they ended up not being compatible when it came to chemistry. He had his own thing going on, he played with the boys (there was even a sing about this) confided in his male friends and didn’t give into Charlie instantly. Take Tinder for example, if you’re chatting to a guy for more then a few days and he doesn’t ask you out, you’re left wondering why?And the more he drags it out, the less you respect and trust him as you can’t read his game plan.

I’ve dated people I would have never given a shot in the past and had a lot of “I-can’t-believe I-actually-like-him moments.” And it’s all because I stepped outside of what’s comfortable for me to experience something different.Sadly, this way of thinking potentially prevents you from meeting some great guys who could possibly turn into love connections.Seriously, what’s the worst that could happen if you date outside of your comfort zone? For example, a common mistake we make when selecting a partner is focusing solely on whom we have an intense chemistry with and putting those we feel physically attracted to on a pedestal. Take that friend zone, and turn it into a friendship, because friendships with the opposite sex are extremely valuable and can teach you a ton about dating.

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